Gene Therapy: The Process of Transferring DNA in to a Drug as Treatment

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Gene therapy is processes of transferring DNA in to a drug as a treatment for certain diseases. Gene therapy was for discovered in the mid 1970’s and it is simply developing a therapeutic form of DNA and putting it into a patient’s cells. In other words this experimental technique in other words uses genes as a treatment or as a prevention to certain diseases. The why this works is that genes are passed down through inheritance. Meaning they go from a parent to its child and then to the child’s child etc. However a certain gene does not produce the right protein or does not produce a protein in a correct manner then a genetic disorder is formed. To dealt with many of these diseases scientist and doctors have been treating the symptoms of the disease but they do cure the actual disease. In other words what they have been mopping and drying the floor from a leak instead of fixing the actual pipe that causes the leak. However gene therapy would be the perfect way for both scientist and doctors to find a way to cure a disease or fix the pipe rather then the symptoms. Is discovery is undisputedly evolutionary how over some scientist argue on whether this experimental technique is beneficial for the greater good of man kind. One argument of the unacceptance toward gene therapy is that some religious group may argue that the human race will be punish for try in to God and may look as this as defying the will of God. Another argument is some people may use this therapy to try to
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