Gene Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, and Sickle Cell Diseases

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In this report one will read my decision of how the 10 million dollars would be dispersed between Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Sickle cell disease. Briefly to explain my decision I choose these three because of the amount the people that get affected by these diseases are in staggering number. Cancer will have 5 million while Sickle-cell disease will have 2 million and finally Multiple Sclerosis will have 3 million.

Beginning with Cancer, it is class of diseases characterized by out-of control cell growth. Currently there is around 100 different types of cancer. In current times some forms of cancer are already curable but some are only curable up to certain stages. Currently in the word there is around 13.5 million diagnosed with
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Another effect of this disease is infections in the body. Both children and adults who have this disease can get infections immediately and have a server time fighting back. An average person’s lifespan affected by this disease is 21 years so many people would die that an adolescent age. This disease claims lives at a very young age so I am assured that this needs to be granted the 2 million that has been requested.

For my last choice, Multiple Sclerosis was picked because of how harsh the symptoms it does to the body. It has been reported that around 400,00 people in the US have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) , in the whole world it is around 2.5 million. Sure its not the biggest one in numbers but it’s the damage it produces to the body. MS is an inflammatory disease where the myelin (a sheath or cover) around the axons of the brain and the spinal cord are damaged. Once these axons are damaged or scarred they will react strangely to your nervous system, over time you lose control of the nerves in the body until vital organs start to fail and demise. Imagine that your body is not in your control and slowly you lose contact with it, it’s a painful way to meet ones end. So far their are no cures for MS and studies show that if one of your relatives has it most probably that you will have it also. This disease is one of the most deadly and painful to watch happen to love ones, So that is why I will give the 3 million
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