Gene Visualisation, Part 2 Research And Development

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Maisa Amélia Fernandes Machado
Gene Visualisation, Part 2A – Research and development


Genetics is the science of the genes, the part of biology responsible for studying all things related to heredity, genesis, origin of beings and how inherited characteristics are transmitted through generations. It identifies chromosomical abnormalities during the embryonic development and also plays a preventive and curative part in science, using genetic therapies as corrective measures.

Since the most remote times men have become conscious of the importance of male and female in the making of new beings of the same species, as well as characteristics like height, skin color, type of hair or fur, textures, etc. When two dogs procriate, they will generate an animal with dog characteristics and never a cat. But why is that?

Between 1856 and 1865 Gregor Mendel made a lot of experiments with peas. His goal was to understand how the inherited characteristics were passed through generations. We can say his experiments originated the field of genetics.

The pea is a plant that belongs to the same group as the soy beans. Mendel’s choice wasn’t casual: The peas are really easy to farm, its reproductive cicle is short and generates a lot of seeds. Besides, the reproduction occurs through self-fertilization, which originates descendants with the same characteristics as their parents.
Mendel made a lot of different lineages of peas with the characteristics that he intended to
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