Genealogy Is The Study Of Family History

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Are you interested in history? Are you interested in learning about what your relatives did before you? Genealogy is the study of family history. Genealogy is a fun yet addictive hobby. To get started in genealogy there are two steps to start searching for your family history. The first step towards starting your family tree is to gather as much information from living relatives. It is a good idea to interview as many different relatives as you can. There are several ways one can go about preserving your family history. One can use a video camera and take video of the relative. Another method for getting the information down is to audio record an interview with the relative. Yet if one so desires they could also take notes on a computer. Note taking on a computer is an easier form to record the family information in. However you decide to record your information be sure to get your relative 's permission before choosing a method. It may make them uncomfortable if you are interviewing them with a video camera without prior notice. What kinds of questions should one ask when starting a genealogical interview? Some example questions could be: Asking your relative when they were born; What they remember as a child; or family stories. Family stories are excellent sources of information since they give greater insight into other family members. The best way to get family information is to get as many family stories in as much detail. Once you get all the details from your
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