Genealogy: The First Step In Sequencing My DNA

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Analyzing a person’s total DNA can tell you quite a bit of information about that person. In order to acquire information about my genetic heritage, I would want my genome to be sequenced. From here, I would want specific sections of my genome to be looked at, which would tell me information about my ethnicity and relationships in regards to genealogy. Because such a small percentage of the genome has been shown to code for genes that are functional, (approximately 3%) it would be this portion of the genome that would be analyzed.1 The first step in sequencing my DNA would be to send in a sample of my DNA via a buccal swab. The buccal swab collects the cells from the inside of my cheek, and the sample is sent to a DNA testing lab.2 At the clinic, a DNA forensic scientist might be one…show more content…
These sequences can code for different genes, and this information can tell me about different mutations in my DNA that could have led to or could lead to potential medical problems, and the sequence can also tell me things about my family’s origins around the world, my ethnicity, and potential genetic diseases that I could pass down to my children. Once my DNA has been sent to a lab for analysis, a sequencing method can be used to tell me what my DNA sequence is. Because there is the potential for the sample that I sent to not have a great deal of DNA available, polymerase chain reaction may be used to amplify the DNA to get a better sample to analyze. In polymerase chain reaction, they will take the small sample of DNA that I have provided along with two oligonucleotide primers, Taq polymerase, and four deoxynucleotide triphosphate and amplify the sample of DNA. In the first step, the DNA is heated to 95 degrees Celsius in order for the two strands of DNA to separate from each other. After the solution has cooled down to 54 degrees Celsius, short DNA primers hybridize to the DNA. Finally, after raising the temperature to 72 degrees

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