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Case Study: Genentech

Discussion Questions

1. Would you characterize Genentech’s employees as experiencing distress or eustress?
Distress is the type of stress that has negative implications, whereas eustress has a positive form of stress, usually related to desirable events in someone’s life. Therefore, I would characterize the Genentech’s employees as experiencing eustress. For example, all these programs that Genentech offers to its employees make life less stressful. The employees, who work for Genentech, enjoy working and they are proud of the cancer-fighting drugs their company produce, and also the egalitarian policies.

2. How can the Yerkes-Dodson law be related to the impact of Genentech’s programs
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The company maintains a corporate culture that fosters creativity and innovation. Therefore, the company allows its researches to publish their findings in academic journals. Genentech also promotes emotional health among its employees by creating a connection culture, for example, bringing cancer patients into the company’s facilities. Another way that the company promotes the well-being of its employees is the availability of its tuition-assistance program to cover educational expenses of its employees. And another important initiative and well-being for Genentech is helping its employees maintain balance between their work lives and personal lives. As a result, Genentech’s employees claim that they love what they do because they know their job has a meaning.

4. What might be accomplished by Genentech’s programs with respect to enabling employees to better deal with workplace stress or its consequences?
All these programs deal with employee stress and or well-being at workplace, and are aimed at making life less stressful. Consequently, Genentech employees consistently refer to the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients as the primary reason they work for Genentech. Genentech’s development products continue to grow, with multiple promising projects in the following therapeutic focus area: oncology, immunology, metabolism, neuroscience and infectious diseases. As a result, they

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