General And Special Education Teachers Face Today

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There are many issues that general and special education teachers face today. The goal of both of these types of teachers should be that they try their best to make their students succeed. Teaching can be very difficult and people that are passionate about it should do it. However, many general and special education teachers face many challenges throughout their teaching careers that make teaching difficult for them. One issue that teachers lack today is lack of proper coaching from school staff when they begin teaching. Proper coaching is extremely important for new teachers to obtain during their first year in school. I believe the new teachers need coaching because most teachers learn a variety of teaching methodologies, philosophies and requirements during their undergraduate studies but they are seldom taught how to manage and structure a classroom. It is very difficult to learn the struggles of teaching in a school unless you experience it for yourself. Many new teachers are placed to work in schools without prior coaching or materials. In addition, many teachers receive necessary information and materials that are needed to teach throughout the school year, instead of having it a few weeks prior to teaching. Along with planning lessons teachers also have to learn the school’s curriculum, policies and procedures. At this time, it becomes a reality that teachers are responsible for their students’ well-being and education. The reality of this responsibility may become
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