General Anxiety Disorders and Treatments Thereof

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General Anxiety Disorders and Treatments Thereof
Blake C Blanchard
Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Abstract One of the most common disorders in our society today is generalized anxiety disorder. I am going to dive in to the methods of treatment and thoroughly discuss the various ways this disorder is handled. I experience anxiety when it comes to being in large bodies of water and also when I see spiders. Treatment options for anxiety disorders range from herbal remedies to prescribed medication. There are so many treatment options that I had no idea were even a possibility. The treatments I am going to talk about and describe in depth are ones that I researched and were shown to have the highest success rate. This could be
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But with every medication comes side effects, and the effects include sexual problems, weight gain, and insomnia (Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2011). One such study found that adolescents who received a combination treatment, that is with cognitive behavioral therapy and drugs, was the most successful. Randomized patients were to receive sertraline, CBT, sertraline and CBT, or placebo for 12 weeks (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 2009). It was concluded that 81% of the patients that underwent the combination therapy were able to greatly reduce their symptoms (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 2009). It has been shown that CBT in schools can greatly reduce childhood anxiety attacks. Sixty-one children, aged 7 to 11 years, were randomized to receive group CBT for children, group CBT for children plus parent training, or no treatment for 9 weeks. After a 12-month follow-up period, those who received CBT had significantly less anxiety severity than those in the control group. The authors noted that treatment effects of CBT can be maintained for a 12-month period in children who have anxiety (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 2009). Another medicine that I found while researching treatments for this disorder is a category of drug by the name of benzodiazepines. Popular drug names associated with benzodiazepines consist of Ativan, Valium, and Xanax. Again, side effects with these drugs can
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