General Attributes Of The Infj Personality Type Essay

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Introduction In this essay I will re-examine my confirmed profile and how it applies to leadership. In one of my previous essays I discussed the general attributes of the INFJ personality type. The INFJ personality is reserved and complex, empathetic, highly intuitive and idealistic. In that previous essay i briefly explained that as an INFJ I do not actively seek a leadership role - but in situations where it is required I will step up to adequately fulfil the role as needed. In this essay I will discuss leadership as it pertains to the INFJ in more detail.
As a leader the INFJ has the following qualities –they are “insightful, likable and encouraging, they try to bring the most out of people”, (, 2015). They have a tendency to prefer to stay out of the spotlight but rise to leadership if they see a humanistic purpose in what they are doing. INFJ’s are organized; they favour personal development and are idealistic (having a clear vision of what is achievable for a group). However INFJ’s do have some negative points regarding leadership. They find it difficult giving negative/constructive feedback to individuals who require it. They have troubles dealing with conflict - which they try to avoid.
How SCARF and NVC tools can assist me to be a better leader
I found that the SCARF tools resonated with me most so I will discuss them first. According to Rock, “SCARF is a model based on 5 different domains of social experience each domain being - Status,

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