General Background Information : Tyson

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General Background Information:
Tyson has been referred to CDT from Jo Hall, SLT Ministry of Education (MoE) for speech delay, poor coordination, shyness and poor self care skills. Te Rina, Tyson’s mother consented for a developmental assessment to be completed at Kreative Kids Kindergarten since he attends full time and she was pregnant at the time. Tyson regularly attends Kreative Kids Kindergarten 5 days a week. He is under the Special Education team, key worker is Alison Jones (Early Intervention Teacher, MoE) who provides advice and support regarding his needs and an individual plan.

Developmental Profile:
Tyson was assessed using a developmental screening assessment - the Schedule of Growing Skills (SOGS). This explores areas of language, vision and hearing as well as fine and gross motor skills. Tyson appeared hesitant to play and I visited him on a couple of occasions to gain a rapport with him. When engaging Tyson in play, within a short period of time he tended to get distracted easily and start to explore other games or activities within the kindergarten. This was managed with encouraging him to return and complete activity with verbal prompts, praised on re engaging and high fives. It was observed throughout the sessions when Tyson did engage in activities has presented with a high level of oral motor activity and created saliva which was pooling around his mouth and dribbling down his front

Manipulative skills: This looks at the acquisition of fine motor…
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