General Business Major Unit As An Academic Course

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Business Major
This memo contains relevant information about the general business major unit as an academic course. The memo gives a clear explanation of the historical development of the discipline as widely employed in academic. The memo also gives an in-depth analysis of the discipline and highlights it several importance alongside its relationship with other related fields of study.
This memo is a suitable source of information to persons seeking greater understanding of the business major discipline and its relevance in other related fields. The memo uses credible academic sources to vividly examine the discipline and give a clear illustration of how its study is based on its meritocracy and not other over lying factors.
Before 1927, business studies were taught in early institution but there was no official record of it evolution. Nevertheless, Professor Gras started a business history program that aimed at tracing the chronologic development of history from small-scale learning to the current institutions. He was an editor of the Bulletin of the Business Historical Society since the year 1926-1953, which was later transformed in the year 1953 to the modern Business History review (86). During this period, business was learnt through the application of theories that were simple and specific to a certain situation or discipline. The major factor that contributed to the narrow nature of the early business was the motive of study. Individuals studied the field
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