General Categories Of Nonverbal Communication

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Forum #1 Paralanguage is one of the general categories of nonverbal communication, which involves using different vocal changes to send meanings (Verderber & Verderber, 2013). Paralanguage is composed of five characteristics, pitch, volume, rate, quality, and intonation (Verderber & Verderber, 2013). Changing these characteristics impacts the overall meaning of the message we send during conversations. Pitch is how fast or slow your vocal cords vibrate (Verderber & Verderber, 2013). This vibration allows your voice to be higher or lower in pitch. For instance, when asking a question our voice pitch is higher at the end. This allows the listener to understand what we are saying as being a question instead of a general statement. However, when trying to emphasize a serious point one may lower the pitch of her voice in order to drive the point home. Volume is the second characteristic, which is the loudness or softness of an individual’s voice (Verderber & Verderber, 2013). For example, if trying to get the attention of an individual, you might speak in a softer tone so you get the attention and the person is focused on what you are saying. Whereas, if you are sharing exciting news with a group you may raise the volume of your voice to show reinforce the excitement. The rate characters is the speed of the voice that somebody speaks (Verderber & Verderber, 2013). People may naturally talk faster or slower depending on their cultural background and where they
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