General Concept Of Leadership And Its Definition

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One of the many reasons that led to the progress of societies is the existence of a wise leadership that prepares plans, gathers ideas, and information, comparisons and studies, these measures require time and effort of the decision makers to cooperate with those who have the experience, and adequate study to make practical and theoretical tests. My point of view about the general concept of leadership and its definition: I 've read for many of the intellectuals and the military instructors and I’ve concluded that the broader definition of leadership is: "the ability to influence the behaviour of a group by a person in whom several conditions are met, including knowledge, experience, personality traits, and the ability to work on fulfilling the required task with resolve and conviction" ( 1). In my view, this is true if there is a necessity to form a strict plan by a leader to get the best results. "Leadership is basically a social role to be played by an individual who’s characterised by the previous qualities when in interaction with the other members of the group, and this role must be done by the person who has the ability to influence others, and guide their behaviour in order to achieve the goal(s) of the group" (2). (1) + (2) Introduction of a research by Mr. Ahmed Assaf (leadership skills & leader’s characteristics )on the writer’s web site in the World Wide Web, which is derived from the following references: (A) profiles in the art of leadership: J.corthoa.
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