General Concept Of Security Communities

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General concept of security communities In accordance to the global political theory, the idea of forming a security community was initially established by Deutsch in 1957, with the dominant purpose of promoting a “sense of community “ that believes in the concept of “peaceful change”. In a further elaboration, the emergence of such communities have integrated individuals in a group, allowing social problems to be resolved effectively in a peaceful manner via institutionalized procedures, without the reliance and usage of physical forces. Security communities have been classified into two basic types, an amalgamated and pluralist form. In an amalgamated community, there would be two or more independent political states merged and form one large unit that is in charged and governed by only one common government, such as the USA. On the other hand, under the pluralistic form of security community, state members are also came together for negotiation and discussion over political issues, but formally retaining under a sovereign government, for example, the EU (European Union), the Canada-US and Mexico, and ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations). Base on early postwar researches and analysis, pluralistic communities have been extremely vigorous and success as the process of formation is considered to be simpler in attaining and preserving than their counterparts. (Hasan Ulusoy, 2012. Revisiting Security Communities after Cold War. Available at:

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