General Considerations for Disaster

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a. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS (1) Topic: Measures of Performance (MOP) and Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) (a) Discussion: During MEDCAP and DENCAP missions there is a need for an appropriate matrix to ascertain measures of effectiveness. Due to the fact that from one PHIBLEX to the next we do not revisit prior sites there is no way to adequately determine the measures of effectiveness that the MEDCAP/DENCAP had on the overall health of the population over a period of time. MOE’s in the Philippines are hard to determine because there is no one standard that can be applied to all locations in the Philippines. The fact that we do not do MEDCAP/DENCAP’s in the same location makes it near impossible to determine any measure of…show more content…
Reinforcing the need for increased health promotion to education the local populace how to avoid contracting many of the illness they get due to poor hygiene, cooking practices and illness methods of transmission. (3) Topic: MILITARY TO MILITARY and MILITARY TO CIVILIAN MEDICAL TRAINING. (a) Discussion: The time allotted to determine appropriate topics for training and determine appropriate MEDCAP/DENCAP sites is not sufficient. For most locations during the ISS and the FSS you only have a few hours per location to obtain all the information you need to determine appropriate MEDBOM, layout and training topics. There are multiple individuals you have to talk with in multiple locations and one person trying to collection all the information is not sufficient. For the Military to Civilian trainings it would be beneficial to incorporate more medical professional students since they will be the future of medical care and health promotion in the future. It has been my observation many of the military to military trainings are not taught to the level that they can duplicate. Performing TCCC training and utilizing the SIM MAN and a variety of other high tech medical training aids only afford the medical professionals in the Philippines a short period of time to train with no certainty of follow on training in the future. This type of training is
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