General Consultation Skills For Organization Development

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General Consulting Competencies General consultation skills, in contrast to other specialized skills needed for Organization Development (OD), are less well defined. These skills are best defined by the tasks that comprise the skillset. Caluwe and Reitsma (2010) have determined basic economics, finance, psychology, decision-making, and management skills assist a practitioner in understanding an organization, determining where improvements can be made, and discerning the manner in which to work toward efficiency. Through goal setting and ensuring the goals remain achievable, a practitioner can successfully guide an organization through the change process. Despite being the least well defined of the OD competencies, general consultation skills can be the most important of the competencies to master in order to effectively manage an organization. According to Cummings and Worley (2015), “OD practitioners need to know how to carry out an effective diagnosis. . . how to engage organization members in diagnosis, how to help them ask the right questions, and how to collect and analyze information.” (pp. 51-52). In order to accurately deduce an organization 's inefficiencies, general consultation skills must include basic investigative skills such as research, interview, and evaluation skills in addition to discernment and awareness (Caluwe & Reitsma, 2010). A survey conducted by Warrick and Donovan (1979), reported some of the most significantly reported specialized OD skills to
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