General Contracting Business Plan

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Table of Contents Executive summary Pg 1 Services Pg 2 Strengths & Weaknesses Pg 3 Business form Pg 4 Location Pg 5 Prices Pg 6 Organization chart Pg 7 Style of Leadership Pg 8 Media Pg 8-9 Finance Pg 9 Conclusion Pg10 References Pg11 Business Tax Forms needed Pg12 - 17 Executive summary I will show in this project the steps I will need to take to start my own business, I will discuss information about my services to the customers, strengths and weaknesses, business form I will implement. At this moment I am preparing myself to start my business from home and will find out how this will benefit me as an initial start up. I will talk about pricing and of course being a new company I will…show more content…
1. Computer business development. 2. Reliability. 3. Costumer relations. 4. Leadership and Management skills. 5. Responsibility. 6. All office software and hardware to run business effectively, fastest computer today, dual monitor to view calendar/e-mails and have an open web page or phone system, fast office printer, wireless phone system used with computer at office, cell phone with blue tooth capabilities to provide internet to lap top computer when working out of office and abilities to connect to office computer from anywhere in the world. I have learned many styles of managing a business by seeing and working with different owners and different attitudes. I will lead by example in my business, as per (Nickels, McHugh & McHugh, 2008, pg. 94) estates, that “Organizational ethics begin at the top of a company’s command”. Business Form I will start my business as a Sole Proprietorship because it is the easiest way to start a business and I do not need to hire a lawyer to do it. I have most tools of work and can begin working by myself from home. Since I have my office space and all electronic devices I need to make flyers and web spaces online to link my business to potential customers, I can start letting people know I am in business now. I will need to fill out a DBA form and submitted to the city of Liverpool’s county clerk’s office. I am attaching the other forms needed to start a Sole Proprietorship, forms like 1040 for individual
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