General Contractor Essay

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In the Southwest Florida area, there is always a demand for new homes and structures. A General Contractor hires and organizes all necessary workers for a construction job, they also provide the materials, permits, and inspection schedules for employees. To become a general contractor you need at least a high school diploma and obtain your contractor's license from the county or state. There are registered or certified licenses, registered meaning they can work at a local level and certified is able to work in state level (home advisor 1). Having the ability and assets to build homes and smaller projects helps out the economy and opens a vast amount of jobs. General Contractors have a main office, but they work out in the field at a…show more content…
Typically the materials that are unloaded are: Wood, Steel, and larger tools that cannot be brought from regular trucks. When building a home General Contractors hires subcontractors to do specific tasks. One of the task would be to create a blueprint or form an estimate on the money and materials needed to start a project. Building plans to meet the needs of clients, install structures and fixtures are done by carpenters.they also measure, cut, and shape wood. Masonry takes thousands of concrete blocks, stacked for each home. Masons also use stone and bricks, repair structures and walkways. Homeowners describe the way they want their home to be designed and it gets printed, usually those designs get altered during the building process to correct flaws or requested changed from the owner. Construction sites also hire plumbers and electricians after the first initially build stages are completed. They are licensed by the state and hired by companies. Plumbers create map layouts and blueprints for pipes, drainage systems and fixtures (hiring monster 4). “Electrical technicians help create maintain and repair the electronic components and equipment used in any device that uses electricity they sometimes with electrical engineers and work to keep job site machinery and specialty equipment running correctly” (snagjob 5). General Contractors need all of these assets to perform tasks at a set pace. Contractors have a wide variety of
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