General Dentistry : A Practitioner Of Any Dental Specialty

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Dental Specialties A practitioner of any dental specialty has advanced knowledge and experience. It takes a minimum of four years to get through dental school, and at least another 2 to 3 years of schooling for a specialty. There are seven main specialties. General dentistry focuses mainly on prevention and treatment. A pediatric dentist works with children. An orthodontist will focus on a patient’s bite and the effect that it has on surrounding tissue. An endodontist specializes in disease and injury involving the roots of the teeth. A periodontist is for gum related diseases. Oral Surgery is for the surgical diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Finally, a prosthodontist specializes in replacement and restoration of teeth…show more content…
A specialist that many people see in an orthodontist. Although it often seems like a cosmetic concern, the alignment of one’s teeth has a huge impact on things such as tooth and gum decay and even tooth loss. An orthodontist’s main function is to correct the bite, whether it be an overbite or an underbite. Fixing the bite can also help with the function of the teeth, including chewing and talking (Ranft, n.d.). The outcome from orthodontic treatment is both a straight and healthy smile and a properly functioning bite. An endodontist specializes in the treatment of injury and disease that occurs in the pulp and the roots of the teeth. What once may have required a tooth to be pulled, can now be repaired by an endodontist. An endodontist gives an average of 25 root canals a week, whereas a general dentist averages around 2 (“Why Choose an Endodontist,” n.d.). Other treatments and endodontist gives include: surgical removal of tooth structures, whitening of the dentin and enamel, root end filling and placement of posts to support and strengthen teeth (Rondon, n.d.). A root canal may sound scary, but it may be the best way to save a tooth and an endodontist has acquired specialized knowledge to ensure the best of care. One of the most common dental diseases is periodontal disease and for this you would see a periodontist. A periodontist specializes in the diseases of the gums and their surrounding tissues.

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