General Dynamics : Organization And Leader Analysis

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Organization and Leader Analysis A1.Organization Description General Dynamics is a Fortune 100 company. For more than 50 years, they have been serving the United States government by providing the Department of Defense tanks, ships, and submarines. (, 2011, p. 1) With the progression of technology, General Dynamics has development into the market leader in mission-critical information systems. Between 1999 and present day, General Dynamic acquired Communication Systems, Electronic Systems, and Worldwide Telecommunication Systems. The largest and fastest growing division of General Dynamics is the companies Information Systems and Technology group. General Dynamics’ organizational objectives are to develop and train soldiers to use state of the art communication systems. These systems provide the United States military commanders with command and control during combat or civilian unrest. General Dynamics provides training on communications systems to all levels ranging from colonel to privates to ensure understanding of battle command networks and informational systems. In a civilian organization, this could represent the CEO to a mail clerk. Today America fights the war on terrorism. We compete in countries like Afghanistan Iraq and Syria for example. 50 years ago we could only hear the war on the radio. Today with General Dynamics’ technology we not only hear the war, but we also have the capability to visualize though video
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