General Education Essay

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With living costs as high as they are in this day and age, it is completely unreasonable to expect the average individual to squander already limited resources. Receiving a bachelor's degree today requires an assortment of classes that often are not directly related to one's career objectives. For some, they find this to be an enjoyable adventure, broadening their knowledge and learning about new aspects of life, but for others this is just burdensome. However it is looked upon, the college curriculum still requires a diverse selection of courses to develop well rounded, responsible individuals, but in turn creates added pressure upon students. Is it the job of secondary education to start developing all inclusive students who have…show more content…
Or for the individual who find one's true interest, general education is more than worth the two years it takes to get through. So although the couple of years a college student spends in general education may seem useless, it is important to recognize the value of it. It helps individuals by showing them an array of possibilities that should be explored before one decides on his or hers life's career. It also builds interesting people who are not just specialists, but who have a better understanding and appreciation for the world around them. Even though, as explained previously, general education is valuable it does create stress for the student who is set on his/her major. For many students, especially those who go to state universities, the probability of graduating with a bachelor's degree in four years is highly unlikely. For those students who have to fight to get into the classes they need to graduate, general education is a villain. The victim of this system can't see the importance of taking a variety of courses. Zinsser recognizes this problem in his essay "College Pressures," which talks about the stresses that college students face. He quotes a dean of Yale University talking about his students: "They ought to take chances. Not taking chances will lead to a life of colorless mediocrity. They'll be comfortable. But something in the spirit will be missing." (452)
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