General Education Essay

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With living costs as high as they are in this day and age, it is completely unreasonable to expect the average individual to squander already limited resources. Receiving a bachelor’s degree today requires an assortment of classes that often are not directly related to one’s career objectives. For some, they find this to be an enjoyable adventure, broadening their knowledge and learning about new aspects of life, but for others this is just burdensome. However it is looked upon, the college curriculum still requires a diverse selection of courses to develop well rounded, responsible individuals, but in turn creates added pressure upon students.
Is it the job of secondary education to start developing all inclusive students who have been
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Now if the average family income in the United States is $57,000, college is costing almost half of the annual income. For this reason college is a very serious matter and can not be taken lightly. When dealing with these figures some may not want to have to go through the miserable process of general education. For them maybe even a job school like Bryman College would suit them well, where they can learn the profession that they are going into. This would solve the money issue and also a lot of time that could never be gained back.

No matter what, general education is something that every college student faces. Some students view it as a laundry list that they have to get through, while others see it as an opportunity to explore new subjects. Either way it is viewed, it is still enforced and there is no way to bypass it. Is it really necessary for a focused biology student who is trying to get out of college in four years to take an art class? The point can be argued either way. No, it is not particularly necessary for that individual to take an art course. They will never need to discuss pointillism while they are with a patient, and the difference between abstract art and non-representational art means absolutely nothing to them. Or it can be argued that an art course is vital to this individual’s higher education. Is not the purpose of college to produce well-rounded citizens? Isn’t there
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