General Electric Case Study

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1. What are your impressions of the General Electric brand and how the company’s products differ from those offered by competitors? General Electric (GE) is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of major appliances in the world. The company offers four different brands; The GE brand which is a line of basic appliances, The Café brand which is a line of restaurant inspired appliances at reasonable prices, the Profile brand which offers contemporary designs along with the latest technologies, and the Monogram brand which offers custom built, professional quality appliances. GE is at the forefront of innovation and offers products that make life easier and conserve energy. The company offers over 400 different appliances for its…show more content…
The target market for this line is consumers in the upper 25 percent economically. This line appeals to upper middle class consumers who are either building new homes or remodeling. These customers are willing to spend more for a product upfront if it is going to save them time or money in the long run. They also are willing to buy multiple products at once to create an environment in their homes that is comfortable and makes them look good to their peers. The GE Monogram line offers luxury appliances that are professional quality. These appliances can be fully integrated and customized to the customer’s specific needs. The Monogram line is made up of the highest quality appliances available with all of the newest technology. The target market for this line is the upper two to five percent of customers economically. This line appeals to customers who are upper class and want the best product their money can buy regardless of the price. Many of these customers will have staff, like cooks and maids, using the appliances for them so the quality is more important than the ease of use. This line is for customers who will settle for nothing less than the best. 4. What strategies is GE using to maintain its place in the market? There are several different strategies GE uses to maintain its place in the market. GE uses a new offering development strategy to stay at the forefront of technological
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