General Features Of Intelligent Agents

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Abstract - Intelligent agents are the new emerging cognition field. They are playing very important role in simulating human behaviour using target system. Cognitive architectures are used to describe the features of intelligent agents. There are different architectures based on assumptions, representation and usage. In this paper we describe different types of cognitive architectures like ACT-R, SOAR, CAMAL, CRIBB, ICARUS, EPIC. Each architecture is compared with different architectures for general features of cognitive architecture. Keywords – Intelligent agents; Cognitive architecture; I. INTRODUCTION Intelligent agents are the entities which get the input from all the sensors and perform specific job using actuators (A type of motor which performs movement). Figure 1.1 depicts the general idea of the intelligent agents. The main goal of intelligent agents is to have same intellectual thinking as humans and they should exhibit their intelligence in different domains. Multi-Agent systems framework is used for the creation of intelligent agents in which different modules are used for the different facets of an intelligent system and each module communicate with every other module. Figure-1 : Intelligent Agents Cognitive architecture is used to describe engineering design and…show more content…
Among these components are tools for perceptual, cognitive, and motor processing. It has been especially useful for building cognitive models in the domain of Human computer interaction. Human performance in a task is simulated by programming the cognitive processor with production rules organized as methods for accomplishing task goals. When the model is supplied with the external stimuli for a specific task, it will then execute the procedures in whatever way the task requires, thus simulating a human's performing the task and generating the predicted actions in simulated real
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