General George S. Patton

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General George S. Patton is one of America’s greatest generals and was known for his brutal honesty. One of his most famous quotes were “I don’t have to tell you who won the war. You know the artillery did.” General Patton regularly held the artillery in high admiration throughout World War II. The actions on the battlefield that led to rise of the artillery began much earlier in history. One battle had greatly contributed to the development of artillery tactics and equipment during these times. This created the foundation for modern artillery howitzers and tactics. The United States of America, and the entire world, owes much of their artillery prowess to the decisive tactics used in The Fall of Constantinople, where the cannon showed itself the most effective piece on the battlefield. The Fall of Constantinople featured the armies of the Ottoman Empire, led by the young sultan Mehmed II, and the heavily favored Byzantine army, led by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI. This conflict only took two months, and in those months, changed the face of artillery forever. Mehmed II sought to expand his empire into South-Eastern Europe, and immediately set his aim on the capital of the Byzantine Empire at Constantinople. He clearly saw the strategic value of the city, as it connected Eastern Europe with Asia (Damyanov, 1996). Mehmed II led an attack with little warning. In the early days of the battle, Constantine XI was confident that his army could withstand the

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