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General George Smith Patton

A burning desire to go forth and reach personal conquests exists inside every man. This passion often navigates the would-be hero into a state of tragedy involving pain and suffering for those around. One individual, in particular, inflicted strain and duress on others with a harsh, and often criticized unorthodox style of leading when he took his campaign across Europe and into Germany. General George Smith Patton, Jr. led an expedition across a continent to rid the world of its Nazi powers. This journey marked the conquest of perhaps the world's greatest war general and his reputable demeanor. Patton experienced respect and admiration throughout his life, starting very early when he was just an
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He believed in hard work and a tough mental state of mind from his men. He expected them to be physically fit and be able to handle themselves through the most rigorous conditions. Patton got his first tastes of action in pursuit of Mexico's legendary Pancho Villa in 1916 with the U.S. Cavalry. He was later transferred to the new Armored branch as the first U.S. Commander of Armor. During World War I, Patton was struck by machine gun fire and was seriously wounded, narrowly escaping a possible death. (1). After being wounded, Patton stayed in the armed forces and continued to head the Armored division during the time of peace. Soon enough Patton's expertise and services would be requested once again in a mere twenty years. On September 1, 1939, a Nazi leader named Adolph Hitler ordered his German troops to invade and take over Poland. It was this day that marked the beginning of the tumultuous World War II. The United States didn't declare any involvement in this European campaign until December 15, 1941, more than two years later. This war was fought in Europe, against Germany, to oppose Germany's rapid march toward a militaristic society. An opposition standing in the Nazi's way was none other than the most feared general in any army, George Patton. Patton's first great contributions to the war effort started on November 7, 1942, when he led his armored units into Morocco and removed the German presence.

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