General Health Of The Elderly Population Essay

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October 28, 2016 Chapter 9 Summary Physical Activity In reading chapter 9 we live in an aging society. Not only is 1 in every 8 Americans older than 65 years, but a person aged 65 can expect to live an average of 18 more years . People aged 85 years and over are the fastest-growing group, and the proportion of these “oldest old” is expected to triple between now and year 2030. Continued good health of the elderly population is a major challenge to public health. What Happens As We Age Healthy life means a full range of functional capacity at each life stage, from infancy to old age. Some age-related changes involve a gradual decline in function that is due to biological senescence. For example, aging is generally associated with more body fat and reduced muscle mass. Reduced muscle mass has been directly linked with lowered muscle strength, lowered maximal aerobic capacity, and decreased bone density in elderly adults. However, not all age-associated changes are caused by age alone. Some scientists believe that the age-associated decline in function is caused by cumulative exposure to risk factors rather than only by aging. For example, lower insulin sensitivity and increased risk of type 2 diabetes are also influenced by genetics, body composition, and sedentary lifestyles. Very little, if any, of the age-associated change in glucose tolerance is caused by age alone. Age-associated changes in metabolism or physiological function may be partly responsible for the
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