General Information : A Driver 's License Assessment

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General Information:
Anthony came to New Light Consultants for a driver’s license assessment, seeking to regain his driving privileges.

Precipitating Situation: Anthony has received one alcohol related driving offenses in his lifetime, with his last one accruing on 09/29/2002. He also has received a number of non-driving convictions with the last one being in 2013.

Alcohol/Drug/History: Anthony stated that he started drinking alcohol when he was fourteen years old. His older brother would often supplied the alcohol and he also attended parties with his friends from high school. During this period of his life he reports using alcohol about twice a week, and smoking marijuana occasionally.
Anthony’s drugs of choice were alcohol and marijuana. He stated that he did try cocaine once, but did not like the way it made him feel. He used marijuana twice a week on average, and would consume about a gram. He would consume alcohol three times a week on average. He normally would drink six to twelve, twelve ounce beers. He reports having blacked out, and increased tolerance. He has attended a few outpatient treatment programs and attend A.A. in the past.

Family/Social/Cultural: Anthony and his sister were adopted when he was six years old after his father went to prison and his mother abandoned him for a guy in Florida. His biological parents lived to party, and appeared to have little concern for him. He had a difficult time bonding with his adoptive parents and felt that…
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