General Information about Foams to Exinguish Fires

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General Information about Foams Fire-fighting foams are generally used to extinguish liquid spill fires. When the flammable liquid is water soluble, it will be diluted rendering the flammability to be nothing, but water alone cannot be used for many reasons. If the spilled liquid is lighter than water and insoluble in water, it will float on top spreading the fire. Water will steam and boil causing an eruption increasing the acceleration of the fire’s burning rate if the flammable liquid is oil or fat. Water being added to a grease fire is a prime example of boiling eruption. Dilution with just water is not ideal for deep spills because the dilution extinguishment could take just as long as or longer than using foam. When the nature of the spill is unknown, it is highly advised to use foam right away to avoid any issues caused by water. Foam is a mass of bubbles formed from an aqueous solution that is a specially formulated foaming agent. These bubbles are produced by many different methods. The foam produces an air excluding, cooling, vapor sealing, water bearing material that immobilizes or inhibits combustion with a continuous layer over the spill. Deterioration and vaporization of the foam happens when it exposed to heat and flames. The deterioration and vaporization help contain the heat and spread. Foam is applied to a fire so that the volume compensates for the deterioration and vaporization along with producing a residual foam layer. Although foam breaks

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