General Knowledge : Giant Pandas

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General Knowledge Figure 3: Giant Pandas belongs to the bear family5 Giant Pandas are mammals that belong to the bear family and they have very special characteristics, which can be easily recognized. Pandas have a thick layer of black and white fur on their skin that feels like wool; it protects from the cold during winter in the cool forest of their habitat in south central of China . Panda bears are classified as carnivorous in terms of categorization, even though their food source is entirely bamboo. It is reasonable to infer this as they have well-developed large sharp canine teeth and strong agile claws for crushing tough bamboo and to protect themselves in the wild6. Though Giant Pandas are charmingly placid and gentle when calm, they can also be dangerous. Pandas are not docile, they were born to be fresh meat eaters, and fight if provoked. Pandas are not afraid to face strong animals; there are very few natural enemies that can threaten them. Animals such as Jackals, Leopards and the Yellow-throated Martens are usually the ones that and capture and harm baby Pandas , when they’re weak and helpless. This is also reflected in the movie “Kung Fu Panda” to educate young children on animals in wild. In the plot of the movie, Kung Fu Panda’s enemy is a highly endangered species (snow leopard). The main reason they became enemies is attributed to their requirement for similar habitat7. This research begs the question: “If Pandas are able to protect themselves so well,
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