General Knowledge Nutrition On Male Fitness And Muscle Model

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Context: Little is known about the general nutrition knowledge of male fitness and muscle World beauty fashion and fitness models, and the sources they use to augment that knowledge base. Understanding the level of nutrition knowledge in this group of athletes will better inform the dietetic community of this group of individuals.
Purpose: To evaluate the general nutrition knowledge
Results: The athletes scored section A: 79%, section B: 87%, section C: 77%, section D: 66%. A total knowledge score of 82% was achieved by the population. Total knowledge score was not influenced by age range (p=0.164), highest education level (p=0.391), occupation (p=0.535), and principle knowledge source (p=0.079).

The aim of present study was to evaluate the level of general knowledge nutrition in male fitness and muscle model WBFF athletes and the sources they use to augment that knowledge. The participants (n 9) completed the General Knowledge Nutrition Questionnaire (GNKQ) which assessed four knowledge domains (section A-D) of general nutrition knowledge. These domains were, section A: dietary guidelines; section B: sources of nutrients; section C: choosing everyday foods; section D: diet-disease relationships. Sex, education level, age, occupation were collected from all participants. Also, information resources, location of those sources, were additional questions and narrowed to principle knowledge source. Age, sex, highest education level, occupation…
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