General Ledger and Single Company Code Essay

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Save Reset Print Name(s): Course & Selection: Identifier: Client: Rachel Song BCIS6243B2 GBI-034 659 Chapter 03: Financial Accounting Exercise 03-02: Basic Financial Accounting Process Single Company Code Version 1 Rev: 01/03/2011 Introduction General Notes and Information It is strongly recommended that you read through the entire exercise prior to starting. Not all instructions can be provided in a linear manner. The following symbols are used to indicate important information as described below: An arrow highlights an important instruction that must not be overlooked. A text box prompts you to type-in an important piece of information. Each student or group will be assigned a unique three digit identifier. This…show more content…
Chapter 04 Save Reset Print Chapter 03: Financial Accounting Exercise 03-02 Exercise 04-02 Step 2: View Account Balances Chapter 04: Procurement Process Exercise 04-02: Basic Procurement Process View Account Invest Single Company Code in GBI Balances Step 2.1: Purchase Supplies for Cash Purchase Supplies Via Payables Misc. Pay Rent Navigate to the transaction to view account balances: Navigation Accounting  Financial Accounting  General Ledger  Master Records  G/L Accounts  Individual Processing  Centrally Q4: Step 2.2: FAGLB03 What is the transaction code to view account balances:------------------------------------ In the “G/L Account Balance Display” screen, enter the following: To search for the Bank G/L Account Number, click on the icon next to the account number field or press F4. Be sure to specify GL00 in the Chart of Accounts field. This search will show all of the G/L accounts. Field Name Account Number Company Code Fiscal Year Select (EXECUTE) Data Entry G/L Account Number for Bank Account US00 2011 Q5: Q6: Q7: Step 2.3: 100000 What is the

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