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Corporate Information Technology Assessment of General Mills

MGT 6530-Managerial Application of Technology
The College of Saint Scholastica

Executive Summary General Mills is one of the largest food companies in the world, and uses an extensive array of information technology (IT) to support its day-to-day operations. This paper focuses on three primary IT areas within General Mills: supply chain, data retention and marketing. Specific technologies reviewed for this assessment include an extended Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, data back-up system, and mobile marketing.
According to Vandy Johnson, director of Information Systems (IS) operations at General Mills, “our philosophy at General Mills is to have one
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Information Technologies in Use While there are a multitude of IT applications in use at General Mills, this paper will focus on three primary areas: supply chain, data retention and marketing. This will provide a view into how General Mills uses technology to manage their diverse and global supply chain, maintain the integrity of their data and implement successful marketing campaigns. IT plays a critical role in General Mills’ ongoing success.
E-source, an ERP System
ERP is a major IT used by General Mills, and is instrumental in integrating information and data into a central source. From financing to supply chain to marketing, ERPs provide a platform for automating multiple applications. General Mills has implemented an extended ERP (Turbin & Volonino, 2010) which allows for supply chain management resources to be shared with business partners. General Mills’ solution, called E-source, is developed by SAP and is a Web-based application that extends the supply chain to external stakeholders (“Esource”, n.d.). SAP is a manufacturer of enterprise application software that creates ERPs for supply chain, human resources and finance, among other business areas. E-source supports three different sourcing implementations: supplier registration, projects, and request for proposals. Under supplier registration, suppliers create a profile that identifies their goods or services that may be important, and answers six questions that help

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