General Moon Had Ordered The Special Operations

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General Moon had ordered the Special Operations Groups around post to open up all of the underground storage facilities, he noted that SFC Harris from 19th Special Forces Group had let the cat out of the bag and General Portson was not a happy camper. General Portson wanted the helicopters out ASAP, checked out and verified that they still ran. There was still plenty of fuel for them over at Pope AFB, granted it would run out sooner or later, but for now they were set. He wanted the birds up and flying NLT 1500 that day. General Moon kindly pointed out to General Portson that he didn’t come under his command. General Portson kindly pointed out that he still outranked his ass and until someone else came long more senior to him he had damn better well execute his orders. General Moon saw that General Portson had a point and realized that as some point, in fact, some one more senior to both of them would happen along. He’d rather be seen as part of the solution instead of part of the problem and decided on working with the post commanders instead of fighting with him. General Moon had notified the Special Operations Aviation Command on post of the availability of the aircraft. General Moon was going to obey General Portson’s orders, but he was going to give USASOAC first crack at the aircraft. The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) nicknamed the Night Stalkers was well aware of the stash of aircraft in the underground storage facilities primarily…
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