General Motors, A Multi Billion Industrial Organization

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Introduction General Motors is one of the world’s largest automobile company, a multi-billion industrial organization. Created by William Durant in September 1908. The company is one of the large enterprises in the United States that is first in the implementation of joint-stock and expert group management. But all companies run into barricades of problems in their time, especially for huge organizations. And one of the problems for General Motors was about their Corporate Culture. This culture crisis led to at least 13 deaths which came from a 325-page independent investigator report (Volukas report). The company received a lot of flak in during this time thus forcing them to make huge changes (as per GM CEO Mary Barra). In this report, we will discuss what a corporate culture is and how important it is to any company. We will outline what the role of Human Resources is in rebuilding the GM culture and what positions of the company we will address first. Next, we will discuss how HR can gain a seat at the table and what we can present the board of directors to get their buy in and see HR as an asset rather than an expense.We will discuss what the key HR issues were that lead to this culture crisis. Finally, we will discuss what our recommendations are to help rebuild the culture at GM. In this case study report, we will identify these problems to know what went wrong and where should we begin in rebuilding their corporate culture. We will look at these in the Human

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