General Motors Analysis Essay

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General Motors Analysis I. Executive Summary II. Company Overview and History III. Analysis of External Environment a. Analysis of the General Environment b. Analysis of the Competitive Environment i. Dominant Economic Characteristics of the Industry Environment 1. Market size and growth rate 2. Number and sizes of competitors 3. Stage in the industry life cycle ii. Strategic Group Analysis 1. Strategic Group Maps a. Identify Primary Competitors b. Identify Potential New Entrants iii. Five Forces Analysis (relevant to strategic group)…show more content…
This recession hits home with the automobile industry. During this current recession GM is facing the possibility of bankruptcy, but is hoping to be helped out by the government. History I. Analysis of External Environment a. Analysis of the General Environment One driving force of change is technology. The automobile industry is constantly focusing on technology in order to make themselves and their cars better. They constantly compete to be the “first” one to have the newest and best idea. One of these ideas is an electric vehicle. GM, Ford, and Toyota all have electric automobiles. GM has the Chevy Volt. Volt One of Ford’s electric cars is the Electric Ranger. Ranger Toyota had the Rav4 EV, but due to discouraging sales it stopped production. “Toyota remains committed to developing an "Eco Vehicle," one that will have a minimal impact on the environment.” Rav4 One purpose of the electric automobiles is to have the ability to drive to work using only electricity. Currently during longer trips you would have to use a combination of electric and gasoline power. Electric Car Another area of technology that the automobile industry is working on is fuel cells. Even though it is predicted that automobiles using fuel cells will not be released until 2010, Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV), may be the next revolutionary idea in automobiles. FCVs reflect a completely new way of thinking about automobiles. FCVs use electric
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