General Motors And The Affecting Factors Of Everyday Business

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General Motors and the Affecting Factors of Everyday Business The company I have selected to do my individual paper on is General Motors. General motors is the second largest auto manufacturer globally, manufacturing cars and trucks in 34 companies. General Motors are headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and employs two hundred and sixty six thousand people. General Motors has many different branches, all vehicle manufacturing branches including, Chevy, Hummer, Saturn, and SAAB to name a few. General motors has sold its products in over one hundred and forty countries. (General Motors) The reason I have selected this company is because of the never ending pressure that is put on an automotive company like General Motors to make the best…show more content…
While keeping their original brand of manufacturing (OBM) and their original design manufacturing (ODM) General Motors needs to work on their value chain in order to get the perception they want to gain from their customers. (SWOT Analysis) Right now General Motors is fighting a poor quality perception from the loss they have incurred over the past decade. General Motors must continue to improve on their product reliability and quality. The question comes to the mind when dealing with a company like this, do you budget money to push, the stronger divisions of your company, or do you try to share equal across the board. This is the deciding factor when companies decide how to use their resources and capabilities. Using these assets to full capacity and effectively well is the common everyday decisions a company like this has to do. GM must reposition itself as an innovative global competitor in order to survive. The company has been continually plagued with a host of issues, including lacking internal cost control and perpetually shortsighted strategies. “The company must first and most importantly close the gap between the perception of its product reliability and the actual quality and innovation of its vehicles.” (Internal Analysis and Recommendations) With these companies always going to be a factor in our lives not only from the consumer market, but also the market share it holds itself in today’s economy. I feel it will be interesting to
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