General Motors F Body Cars

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When collectors add another classic car to their fleet they often seek an automobile that 's considered a good investment. Buying a limited or special edition model doesn 't guarantee a rise in value. However, having the supply and demand scenario on your side makes good sense.

Here we 'll focus on the 10th Anniversary Edition Trans Am. We 'll review some special features that make it unique and fun to drive. This is also an automobile that can experience some undesirable inherited problems. Discover the weak points of the General Motors F body cars and what to look for when performing an evaluation for purchase.

Anniversary Edition T/A Exterior Features

The exterior paint is quite unique with the base color of silver and accents in gunmetal metallic. Where these two colors meet Pontiac blended the transition point with strategic use of pinstripes and decals. The darker gunmetal portions only cover about 25 percent of the automobile. These areas include a portion of the roof, shaker hood scoop, upper part of the doors, side view mirrors, and used as accents on the bumpers.

One of the most striking things about the 1979 10th Anniversary Edition Trans Am is the enormous size of [the Firebird hood decal]. This could be the largest factory stickers ever applied to a car. A normal Trans Am would have the emblem confined to the hood space. The anniversary edition has the wings of the bird flowing out onto the front fenders. The factory pinstripes flow back on the upper part
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