General Motors ' Mission Statement

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I have grown up around General Motors vehicles. My grandparents drove Cadillacs and Buicks, my parents and I drive Chevrolets. The vehicles have always been reliable and the dealerships were always pleasant. For this final paper, I decided to go deeper into the company. General Motors was founded on September 16, 1908 in Flint, Michigan by William C. Durant. There were less than 8,000 horse-drawn vehicles in America. GM became the world’s largest automaker and has been global industry leader in sales for 76 years. They employee about 284,000 people in about 396 facilities worldwide in 33 countries. The global headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors’ mission statement is “General Motors is a multination corporation engaged…show more content…
By selling and manufacturing vehicles online, some companies find it has a weakness, GM see it has a challenge that leads to innovation. The strategy paid off. GM is now viewed as one of the most innovative automobile companies. They still have many of challenges ahead of them, but this e-business in the supply chain is making progress towards their competition. GM’s supply chain has five steps, getting the parts from the suppliers, component and module suppliers, car assembly plants, car dealerships and car buyers. GM has over 168 manufacturing plants. They are utilizing technology and global diversity in their supply chain succeed their competition from their downfall. General Motors auto sales have declined more than 30%, which is the steepest decline in 50 years. They had to changed their logistics drastically. The core of their business is Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet. Saab, Saturn and Hummer have either been sold or closed. GM’s operations alone are $8 billion a year in expenses. They have cut the costs of materials and transportation costs. Many of GM’s suppliers have moved closer to GM’s assembly plants. They saved $700 million dollars in materials and transportation this year in North America and plan on increasing their savings to $900 million in upcoming years. GM’s competitors have done this in previous years. Although GM is lagging behind their competitors, they will continue to progress. GM has also created
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