General Motors with Lean Manufacturing

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General Motors with Lean Manufacturing An Introduction of GM Global Manufacturing System Operations Management Team Project Contributed by We Make A+ (sort by number): 유형근 - 2009 050 444 오슬기 - 2010 049 712 손무화 - 2010 054 149 주시건 - 2010 059 605 김학운 - 9125 620 120 Division of Business Administration, Hanyang Univ. ERICA Ansan, December 2012 Contents Part 1.Overview of General Motors 2 1.1 Why General Motors? 2 1.2 Introduction of General Motors 3 1.3 Basic Information 3 1.4 History of GM 4 1.5 GM's family 4 Part 2.Introduction of Lean Manufacturing 4 2.1 Definition 5 2.2 Lean and TPS 5 2.3 Theme: Efficiency 6 Part 3.GM’s Global Manufacturing System 6 3.1 Application of Lean Manufacturing 6 3.2 In-Progress Control and Verification…show more content…
It is a present-day instance of the recurring theme in human history toward increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and using empirical methods to decide what matters, rather than uncritically accepting pre-existing ideas. As such, it is a chapter in the larger narrative that also includes such ideas as the folk wisdom of thrift, time and motion study, Taylorism, the Efficiency Movement, and Fordism. Lean manufacturing is often seen as a more refined version of earlier efficiency efforts, building upon the work of earlier leaders such as Taylor or Ford, and learning from their mistakes. Part 3.GM’s Global Manufacturing System 3.1 Application of Lean Manufacturing To be more competitive in the global automotive industry, General Motors is concentrated on some key priorities; get common; think lean and run fast; compete on a global basis; grow the business and most importantly-focus on the product. GM Manufacturing is dedicated to lean and common as demonstrated by a single, global manufacturing approach - a strategy that is changing the way it designs its products, lays out plants, selects equipment and design each assembly plant operator's job. The GM Global Manufacturing System-or GMS-is an important building block of an integrated strategy to develop products that excite customers in markets around the world. 3.2 In-Progress Control and Verification In-Process Control & Verification includes the intent and purpose of the BIQ motto: “Satisfy
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