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2.04 AP Practice: Part 2 10/15 total points earned. Question 1 (Worth 5 points) The boxes described below have the same volume, but different dimensions and surface area. Use this data as the basis for a discussion of beneficial cell shapes. Essay Submission When the volume is too large relative to the surface area of the cell, diffusion cannot occur at sufficiently high rates to ensure this. Therefore cells size is wanted to be relatively small. Box A's surface area to volume ratio is the smallest and therefore will be very sufficient for diffusion to occur at a high rate. Box B's surface area to volume ratio is in between Box A and Box C and so therefore will not be very sufficient but diffusion can still occur at a medium…show more content…
Each bag was placed in a separate beaker and covered with distilled water. The concentration of NaCl in the water outside of each bag was measured at 40-second intervals. The graph below shows the results from the 5% bag. Describe how you would expect the results of the other three bags to compare to that of the 5% bag and explain your predictions. Essay Submission I expect the 10% NaCl will, due to the high concentration gradients, decrease in concentration. While the 0% NaCl and 1% NaCl will increase in concentration. This is because the change in the solutes will change the distance of the function through the solution. Therefore, the more concentration the more distance in the function and the less concentration the less distance. Essay Feedback Solute concentrations affect the rate of diffusion, so I expect the 1% solution to diffuse slower and the 10% solution to diffuse faster. The 10% solution would be expected to diffuse at a greater rate, maybe twice that that of the 5% solution, so the plotted line will be significantly above the 5% line. The 1% solution will have a line plotted at significantly lower values than that of the 5% solution. The 0% solution will remain at a value of zero, a flat horizontal line, as no diffusion is expected to occur. Points earned on this question: 2 This question was especially difficult for me because I

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