General Project Plan For J. Smith & Associates

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Running head: GENERAL PROJECT PLAN 1 General Project Plan Natasha Bing Grantham University GENERAL PROJECT PLAN 2 Executive Summary As a business grows, it might expand to multiple offices across the country and around the world. For a growing business firm, limited number of offices is typically not adequate. With adequate capital and personnel, many business firms desire to set up multiple offices to attract different areas of customers (Lock, 2007). To keep business running efficiently, the employees…show more content…
Project objective The objective of this project is to make communications between all the existing division offices with a new division office of J. Smith & Associates firm throughout the region and also remote satellite offices using networking technology. After implementing this project, it internal communications will make easier to all employees and customers to be connected to the firm and each other and to access data from any of the office. GENERAL PROJECT PLAN 3 Design plan J. Smith & Associates needs to start a new branch office in Scottsdale, Arizona and this new office will operate as a regional headquarter and connect to other five branch offices at New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California and Colorado, as well as connect the headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. This division office taking 500 employees will be placed in a three stories tall building in which the first floor will work for customer service support, the second floor will work for the employee support and the third floor will work for executive support services as well as maintaining connectivity and communication with the headquarters and other division offices. For this project, we have chosen “Technology” part for equipping the
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