General Research Perspective And Type

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3. Research Design and Methodology General Research Perspective and Type Using a mixed quantitative and qualitative survey research design, this paper examines the trends in a written open-ended survey allowing the respondents to convey their unique perspective. This will allow for a high quality of information from OT practitioners serving in different regions with varied experience. The following subquestions were asked: What are the biggest obstacles facing Occupational Therapy in the school system? Which skills are underutilized in the school system by OT practitioners? Do you feel the role of OT is understood by your co-workers? Are you satisfied with your job? The answers to these sub-questions are analyzed and examined in this paper. Research Context and Participants The mixed quantitative and qualitative surveys were completed online at random through two closed social media groups: School-based Occupational & Physical Therapists and Pediatric Occupational Therapists. The following criteria had to be met, 1. Participant needed to be an OT or OTA, 2. Participant needed to be practicing in a school-based setting. All of the participants questions were self recorded on the online survey. Participants were free to add any additional comments to the survey. Instruments for Data Collection Data was collected during the online survey and added to a spreadsheet. The order of questions were given in the order provided below in a open-question model with room for comments
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