General Rule Of Law And Extracurricular Activities

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I. GENERAL RULE OF LAW In the state of Florida, homeschooled students are allowed to participate in interscholastic and extracurricular activities if the satisfy certain requirements. 1
II. FACTS A student who is homeschooled would like to participate in basketball season at the local high school. The student meets the zone eligibility requirements to attend the school. The student does not have a GPA, but has a portfolio of schoolwork that has been reviewed and assessed by a certified teacher, and was given an evaluation from his previous county before moving to Blue County. The district decides that the student is ineligible for participation in basketball season.
III. ISSUE Can a homeschooled student, who meets all the eligibility requirements put forth by state statutes, be denied participation in a school’s extracurricular activities?
IV. HOLDING AND DECISION No. A homeschooled student has the right to participate in extracurricular activities at a public school in his or her zone of residence as long as he or she meets the requirements put forth by state law1, and if a student were denied this right, it would be considered discrimination and a violation of their equal protection rights.2 In this particular case, the parent met the requirements of a homeschooling program by keeping a portfolio of the child’s work that was reviewed by a certified teacher.3 One case in New Jersey set the precedence for this type of home school instruction to be considered…
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