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The College-wide General Scholarship would benefit me in aiding me to financially afford continuing to further my education. Previously earning two Associate of Applied Science degrees from Tidewater Community College, in Computer Graphics and Graphic Design (Multimedia), have yielded me too many credits to qualify for a Federal Pell Grant. Furthermore, my finances limit what I can afford to cover on my own.

Though I attended Old Dominion University directly out of High School, I was unprepared for attending classes full time while living on my own and holding down two full-time jobs. In 1997, the necessity to provide a living for myself took priority; effectively discontinuing my education track.

In 2004, while Assistant Manager of my family’s
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My academic progress remained high throughout a promotion to General Manager, which was accompanied by additional associated responsibilities. Furthermore, in 2005, I excelled in my studies in spite of being a newlywed and experiencing the physical and emotional trials that accompany a diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility, along with pursuing my desire to have a family. Having been capable of actualizing my objective to obtain my degree, despite the assiduous nature of my personal life, was a singular triumph for me.

My time at Tidewater Community College was challenging and rewarding in various unexpected ways. I came to the realization I enjoyed learning more than previously believed. Becoming a mentor, of sorts, to my younger peers aided in finding my niche in the social dynamic, and I excelled in my new job position, as well as in my degree progress. I was exceedingly proud of myself when I graduated in 2008, Magna Cum Laude, with a GPA of 3.649, and earned not one AAS degree, but
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Often contemplating working to earn my Bachelor Degree, and musing on the possibility of continuing my education in the field of Art, I am now taking the opportunity as my family’s business will be permanently closing our doors by the end of this year. I made the decision to return to Tidewater Community College to complete a full Associate Degree and to explore my options for moving on to a four-year program. Unsure at this time what four-year institution I will transfer to, I am looking forward to exploring the myriad of possibilities with my Advisor. My current goal is to further pursue programs in Graphic Design and a Fine Art field. Additionally, I would like to seek to receive my teaching credentials in Art after completing my Bachelor Degree. I believe furthering my education in this manor will reveal more opportunities than if I limit myself to just one
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