General Sheridan

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After the invasion of Normandy, France by the Allies in World War II, the Allies pushed the German Army back towards Germany. For the Allies, the war looked to conclude by Christmas of that year, 1944, and to do so required a major push across Europe to Berlin. Operation Market Garden would the largest airborne battle during the war and would be led under Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery who was in command of the 21st Army Group. What was thought to be the final push into Berlin, Germany by the Allies proved to be wrong during Operation Market Garden. The Allies ultimately lost the battle and were forced to delay movement into Germany. The Battle of Arnhem was the most famous battle during Operation Market Garden, known as “a bridge too far”, where the British 1st Airborne Division, led by Major General R.E. Urquhart, and the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade were dropped in the Netherlands to secure the key bridges at Arnhem. Ultimately the mission failed for the British due to lack of resupply and reinforcements from the British XXX Corps on the ground. MG Urquhart did not demonstrate the steps in mission command, understand, visualize, lead and direct during the Battle of Arnhem, which also contributed to losing the battle. Operation Market Garden involved two plans by the Allies; Operation Market was the airborne plan and Operation Garden was the ground plan. The Allied airborne units of the 101st Airborne Division, 82nd Airborne Division, and 1st
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