General Sherman And The Match Of The Sea

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Holland Carvalho
17, July 2015

General William Sherman and the match to the sea

General Sherman 's contribution to the Civil War will forever be remembered in history, although he made some miscalculations, his mistakes did nothing to his reputation unlike his brilliance in strategizing . His military exploits went far beyond getting the attention of American military historians; it went all the way to the shores of Europe. Military historian Basil Liddell Hart compiled a list of the best military strategists and General Sherman was among them, along with others like Napoleon Bonaparte, and Von Clausewitz. General Sherman’s effort in this campaign helped the Union Army deliver the crippling blow to the Confederacy’s capacity to wage war. His ruthless and overwhelming techniques, which he called Hard War, remain hotly debated even now as it has evolved into the concept of total war.

Sherman’s Early Life
William Tecumseh Sherman was born in 1829 in Lancaster, Ohio, where his father Charles Robert Sherman practiced law. When his father later passed away, he left his children under the care of relatives and friends. During this period, General Sherman moved in with Senator Thomas Ewing. His brother, John got a job in the U.S. Senate while Hoyt became a banker. The Senator at that time through his connections got Sherman enrolled in the United States military academy, where he graduated in 1840. His early military career proved less…

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