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CVS's retail pharmacy operations are functioning poorly and dissatisfying customers. Many customers are defecting as a result. A pharmacy service improvement team has documented the current prescription fulfillment process, its exception rates, and the problems generated by exceptions. The company must now decide how to change this process, and what information system changes to make in support of the redesigned process. What changes do you recommend to CVS’s existing pharmacy fulfillment process? What IT changes, if any, are required to implement your changes? The biggest change that I would make would be around the Drop off station. I think that more could be done if that position was manned full time. This would require another…show more content…
We could create a website where employees could provide their feedback (anonymously, if they wanted). As we progress through implementation and (hopefully) improvements, monthly updates on progress would have to be made as well. What are we measuring ourselves against (metrics) and how are we doing against those? We owe it to the employees to be transparent through this whole process. How will you ensure that there’s no backsliding – that there won’t still be wooden boxes in use six months from now? How can technology be used to prevent or inhibit backsliding? I don't think you can guarantee no backsliding, but as for wooden boxes, we would remove them completely. All transactions would have to be performed via an automated process. From a support perspective, we would have to make sure our employees are trained up on the new system. They need to trust the new technology. The same processes and database information must be available at all CVS locations. Also, this would be a significant company effort, so having some training sessions with personnel from other CVS stores would help develop informal relationships. Especially since customers may move to different areas requiring a closer CVS location to fulfill their prescription needs. Does PSI represent a significant opportunity for CVS? Would improving customer service be of significant financial benefit to the company? Yes. $2.5

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