General Transformation Model Of The Output System

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of these functions consist of processes that either take inputs that are transformed into outputs or are inputs that do the transforming into outputs. Figure 4 depicts the general transformation model showing the types of inputs that are transformed and those that do the transforming in the input-transformation-output system that is fundamental in all processes (Slack et al. 2012). Figure 4: General transformation process model Source: Slack et al. (2012) Figure 1.4. 4.2 Process design and analysis A process is regarded as “the structured design of a system whose aim is to establish suitable indicators to measure the performance of the process” (Climent, Mula and Hernandez 2009 p. 202). The overall performance of the operation is impacted by how well the processes are designed. As such it is imperative that they are designed as effectively as possible to achieve optimal results. A poorly designed process results in poor performance as can be seen with the current Myer wholesale ordering and delivering process. The poor design of the wholesale process is partly due to The Just Group primarily being a retail company so the focus has been on retail and not the wholesale part of the business. The difference being that in wholesale we are dealing with one retail customer being Myer and any mistakes made that are not mitigated quickly result in the customer’s needs not being met. That is the right product in the right quantities not being delivered on time at the right place.
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