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Generalist Intervention Model: Nacogdoches Memorial Health/Senior Behavioral Health Unit Ten Core Competencies and Practice Behaviors A. Client System – In my internship this semester I had the opportunity to work in the geriatric psychiatric unit at Nacogdoches Memorial Health/Senior Behavioral Health Unit. The unit served patients that were 65 years and older that suffered from mental health disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and dementia etc…. B. Generalist Intervention Model (GIM) – The GIM model applies to the clients we served at the unit in that we were there to take patients in house in a locked unit for approximately two weeks to assess behavioral and medication issues. Patients regularly came from nursing homes, jails, or assisted living facilities etc… C. Planned Change Steps in GIM - I. ¬¬¬Engagement 1. In order to facilitate building an effective helping relationship with client’s staff interacts with the patients often and documents various behaviors and feedback from patients. Treatment team meetings are held weekly where the doctor discusses current medication effectiveness with clients directly to address any concerns. 2. At times clients can be apprehensive or unwilling to share such personal information. Addressing a client with empathy and understanding and explaining assuring them of their privacy is important to make them feel more at ease and less fearful about opening up. 3. Sometimes clients are brought in for being violent or

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